What makes a good wine bar?

Wine bars are a dime and dozen, but just like everything else, there are a great many differences between a good run of the mill wine bar and a great one that you will be coming back to again and again.

Several things make a wine bar great, and if you go towards a great wine bar it should share these same characteristics. One of these characteristics is the shape of the glass because different types of wine are flavored differently and change when you drink it. Depending on the shape of the glass, the drink hits your throat, tongue, and taste buds differently.

Basically, if you drink a good wine out of a bad glass, it doesn’t taste as good as if you drink a bad wine out of a good glass. Because it’s all about the order in which the wine hits your throat and taste buds.

In addition, the atmosphere of any place, especially a wine bar, needs to be chosen with care. It should be quiet enough to be cozy and inviting to patrons while also lively enough to give them a good time. Despite what the media shows in movies and TV, you don’t have to be snooty and uptight to join a wine bar, and you shouldn’t feel unnecessarily uncomfortable among the wine collection.

Education is also a strong value in a wine bar because one of the purposes of a wine bar is educating the patrons about what wines are good and what wines are great. So, the wine list should be varied and contain a blend of recognizable names and some you don’t recognize, and the flavors of wine should be diverse as well.

If the wine bar also has several tastings, trainings, and the ability to create a conversation between amateur and professional wine lovers, then it’s done its job. You should never feel like you can’t talk to anyone at a wine bar, even if the alcohol doesn’t loosen your tongue.

Speaking of alcohol, beware of a wine bar that doesn’t give you servings out of several sized glasses. Tasting is different than drinking after all! A shot glass or so of wine is an appropriate sample to taste and decide if you enjoy the wine without having to gulp it down.

Whether you are at a long beach wine bar or one of those fancy professional tastings, always be sure that the right food is on tap as well. If the finger food is diverse in flavor, then you’ll be able to snack on different types of food that will complement the different types of wine and allow you to truly discover the differences in flavor.

Take the time to ensure that the wine bar you are attending meets some or all of these requirements, and you’ll have an experience that your taste buds will never forget. The right mix of quality and quantity for a wine bar is out there and once it’s found you will never go back.