Licenses You Need to Start a Restaurant

You’ve finally taken the leap and decided to go ahead and start your own restaurant! Starting your own business is one thing, but starting a restaurant is another thing entirely. How can you be sure that you’re doing things the right way? Do you have concerns about getting ahead and can you ensure that you’re not missing any details?

If you’re starting a restaurant, you need to be sure that you have all of the proper licenses before you open up on the first day. What licenses do you need in order to get things done? Do you know what it is that you have to apply for and how do you do it? Here’s a look at the licenses that you need to have in order before your first day.

Business Licensing

Dealing with your business licensing is a big part of ensuring that you’ve got everything in order so that you can run a business. While the legal end of everything differs by state, there are some federal guidelines that you can look at in order to ensure that you’re going about everything in the right way. Your business licensing should be one of the first things you do while securing your real estate.

Food Service License and Food Handler’s Permits

Food has a lot of regulations associated with it and, because of that, you need to have permits related to handling and serving the food that you’re serving. There are not different licenses based on the type of food that you’re serving, unless there is something exotic or that needs special preparation, and that will likely differ based on what state that you’re in. You will likely have to go to your local food services board or similar organization in order to work out which licenses that you need to have.

Appropriate Liquor Licenses

If you’re going to be serving any sort of liquor, then you need to be sure that you explore your options when it comes to your florida beer and wine license and other similar licenses. Once again, this will differ based on the state that you are located in and what sort of liquor that you’re going to be serving at your establishment. Talk with your state liquor board and be sure that you get the appropriate applications in order to ensure that you can serve the alcohol that you wish to serve.

Other licenses may be necessary based on what music you’re playing, if you’re doing live performances and/or if you plan on using the space to host parties and other events. You want to be sure that you do your research and talk with state and local officials in order to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything that you need to have in order to run your business in the way you wish to do so. When all is said and done, your restaurant will have the right licenses and be ready to go on the first day you open.