Beefy Burger Still Best Hunger Buster

Of all the articles the hungry online writer gets summoned to write, it’s this one. Not only are the creative juices swirling by now, so too are the digestive juices. They say when you go down to the store or the supermarket to pick up your daily or weekly supplies you should never shop on an empty stomach. Never go shopping when you’re really hungry. You end up buying too much of what you don’t really need.

It ends up being unwholesome junk that’s no good for you and all. So it goes. Same thing could happen when you’re shopping online. You end up tapping your mobile apps for take outs you could have done without. So, do this then. Prepare your hearty breakfast of oats and fruit and a good cup of Joe. Then set yourself down in front of your laptop and shop around for hearty, healthy ideas for your weekly eating plan.

You carve up the ingredients focusing on a good balance of proteins, fiber and just a little carbohydrate, assuming you have no issues with gluten and such things. You’ll end up with an angus burger or two for your weekend barbecue grill. It’s part of a national heritage only this time the ingredients are free range and free of undigestibles like hormone injections and such. Free-range is as good as going organic.

angus burger

And it’s not only beef you’ll be shopping for. Why not add a little poultry to the list? If you really want to go all in health wise, you’ll be able to ask for low in fat samples. The meat you order always stays fresh until it reaches your freezer. That’s because its tightly sealed, preventing all bacteria from entering the meat packs. And boyo, it’s smells really good by the time you’ve unwrapped the pack.